Shield Dezjorn international foundation

Our Mission:

The Dezjorn International Foundation mission is to educate, empower, and inspire people of marginalized communities to advance equality and equal opportunity through scholarships, volunteers, programs, recreation, distribution, and collaborating with existing organizations/programs.



Board of Directors

Dezjorn Gauthier, J.M. (CEO/Founder)

Chanel Gauthier-Franklin (Vice President/Co-Founder)

Joey Luv (Sr. Manager)

Jevon Martin, Princess Janae Place (Fiscal Agent)

Alonda Talley (State of Penn. Director)

Bria Carr (Member)



Mr. & Mrs. Gauthier founded The Dezjorn International Foundation on April 7, 2018 after having a discussion wanting to do more for the community. Mrs. Chanel Gauthier is studying rigorously to become a licensed master of special education. She wants to give all youth an equal opportunity in education and athletics, no matter their background, economic status or life challenges. Mr. Dezjorn Gauthier, CEO of Dezjorn International LLC, wants to touch as many hearts has possible and help members of the community strive for excellence. Under the leadership of Dezjorn International LLC the couple formed a sister non-profit organization with a dedicated team of volunteers. Together the Gauthier’s wish to open an international school to help further the mission of the foundation.